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Condo Cleaning for Your Toronto Home

If you own/rent a condo in downtown Toronto amidst the housing boom, you’ve got it made. When you have a condo with a beautiful lake view or picturesque view of the city, you don’t want anything to take away from that—especially not clutter and dirt! With condo cleaning in Toronto from Homestead Maid, we can have your place spotless and looking its best, ready to welcome you, your family, and your friends home on your schedule.

It is our goal to make sure we meet your condo cleaning needs with efficiency and familiarity. When you call to schedule condo cleaning services for your Toronto home, we strive to have your condo cleaned usually within days! You can select one of our highly knowledge, professional cleaners to become the regularly assigned cleaner for your condo. They’ll get to know your home and the way you like things cleaned—and you can decide when it’s convenient for them stop by! The friendly staff at Homestead Maid takes pride in our attention to detail – we don’t just clean the surface areas you can see—we clean it all!

We Can Do the Dirty Work

If you don’t mind doing the general weekly cleaning it takes to keep your condo looking nice, we also offer our experience to tackle those jobs people tend to just sweep under the rug. When was the last time you cleaned out the fridge? Does your oven have baked food stuck to the bottom? At Homestead Maid, we don’t just run the sweeper and do the dishes—we look for dirt and grime that has been overlooked or ignored maybe for years! We can clean your fridge, oven, indoor windows, drawers, and closets—all those places that are easy to forget about or push off for another day!

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