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The Frequently Asked Questions about Maid Service in Toronto, ON

Do you have questions about Homestead Maid’ House Cleaning services? The answers are here!

  • Homestead Maid was established in 1984. We are family owned and managed.
  • We accept Visa & MasterCard as payment methods.
  • Weekly & bi-weekly clients are assigned the same cleaning lady on the same day of the week.
  • Staff members are experienced, courteous & mature.
  • Bonded & insured – service guaranteed.
  • All staff fully covered by Workers Compensation.
  • We serve all 416/647 areas that are accessible by TTC.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or occasional services are available.
  • No contracts to sign.
  • We use your cleaning supplies.
  • Very flexible cleaning agenda: Feel free to use the cleaning time you are paying for in the way that best suits your needs & preferences.
  • Our services include: cleaning the oven & fridge; shining silver; emptying & cleaning kitchen cupboards & drawers; cleaning baseboards; removing finger marks & cobwebs; vacuuming upholstered furniture; and more.
  • Your pet is never a problem for us.

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Our staff members have been recruited and trained by Homestead Maid. They have all signed non-competition agreements upon the start of their employ with us, and they are valued staff members of Homestead Maid. If you should decide that you would like to privately hire one of our staff members, this can possibly be arranged. If our staff member wishes to leave Homestead Maid to work for you privately, please speak with the owner of Homestead Maid, Mark Garmaise to discuss the $1500 finders/recruitment fee which would be payable in full to Homestead Maid prior to our staff leaving our employ. Thank you!

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