While living in a condo in Toronto offers many benefits, it can also be hard to stay organized if you’re lacking in square space or a storage locker. Sometimes, we feel bogged down and overwhelmed by our lack of breathing room because square footage in this city is often a luxury we can’t afford. If you’re having a hard time staying clean and organized in your condo, here are some tips to help you out:

Purge Your Unnecessary Clutter

Whether you’re a pack rat, downsizing from a bigger home, or moving out of your parents’ house, there’s a possibility that you just have way too much stuff to begin with. Living in a condo requires you to be economical with your possessions. You might have too much furniture, you may be holding on to too many clothes or dishes or books. It’s time to take a hard look at your things and purge the clutter. We’re sure that you can fill boxes and bags of items that you haven’t used or no longer like. Imagine how much space that frees up in your condo.

Find a Space for the Rest of the Clutter

For all the rest of the clutter you simply cannot live without, it’s time to find a proper place for them. In a small unit, it’s incredibly important that everything has a designated area: where you put your mail, where you keep your books, where you store your toiletries, etc. Many condo buildings don’t provide enough closet space for all your stuff, which means you have to start getting creative. Utilize corners, walls, and even the ceiling to keep your things. In a small condo, you should be taking advantage of the entire space. Shelves, racks, and hooks are small and inexpensive installations, but they can give you so much more room with which to organize.

Trade-in Large Furniture for Condo-Size Furniture

A big mistake condo dwellers make is that they try to fit in regular-sized furniture into their 500 square feet of space. Unfortunately, this is a really easy way for your condo to look sloppy and small. It’s time to trade in your L-shaped sectional or eight-piece dining set for something much smaller. Most furniture stores, including IKEA and Wayfair.com, offer condo-sized versions of furniture for every room.

Keep the Place Clean

The smaller the space, the more crucial it is to stay on top of your house cleaning. Smaller spaces get messy, dirty, and dusty much faster than larger areas. It’s also a lot more noticeable when a small space shows signs of dirt and grime. Cleaning isn’t just about finding a place for all your possessions to go. It’s also about dusting, cleaning surfaces, and ensuring that your kitchen counter is clear of dishes, stains, and clutter.

If you don’t have time to maintain your condo’s cleanliness, contact Homestead Maid today. We’ll ensure your condo is clean to your satisfaction. Even those hard-to-reach places will sparkle and shine like never before!