We love our pets, but we don’t necessarily love the fluffy trail of fur they leave behind wherever they go. From our couch to our sock drawer, and every nook and cranny in between, pet hair is a permanent fixture in any household with shedding pets. Not only does our fur get all over our clothes, but it can also lead to unfortunate allergic reactions. If you live with a lovable fur ball, here are some helpful tips to minimize the shedding in your house.

#1: Brush Your Pets Regularly…Outside

The first defence against excessive shedding is to make sure your dog or cat is thoroughly brushed on a regular basis, especially when they’re blowing out their winter coat. Come spring and summer, you might notice an increase in fur around the house, especially as the weather starts to warm up. To mitigate that excess fur, you should be brushing your dogs every day to help release that thick undercoat. Try brushing outside so that any loose wisps float into the air rather than your vents.

#2: Shroud Your Couch

We understand that you paid a pretty penny for your couch and that covering it up with a sheet or a blanket might ruin the décor. But if your dog or cat is a couch napper, your cleanup job will be much easier if you can simply toss the blanket in the washing machine. An easy alternative to covering your furniture is to simply forbid your pets from jumping on the couch. But if they have already claimed the corner cushion as their favourite napping spot, it might be too late.

#3: Consider Regular Grooming

If your dog or cat has an impressive coat, regular brushing might not be enough to keep the fur away. Why not ask a professional groomer to give your pet a “summer coat”? If you’re thinking of cutting out the middle man by taking a razor to your animal’s beloved coat, think again! Shaving dogs in the summer can lead to severe overheating and even sunburn. As hot as they may look, their undercoat is responsible for keeping the heat off…that’s why sending your pet to a groomer will ensure your pet is in the right hands.

#4: Vacuum Vents and Air Ducts

Struggling with allergies? Your pet’s dander might be blowing throughout the house via air ducts and vents. Thoroughly vacuum out these places to prevent the spread of allergens that might be causing your sniffles.

#5: Let Your Pets Outside

An easy way to mitigate your pet’s shedding is to simply let them outside more often. The more time they spend out of doors, the less chance they have to shed all over the bed or carpet. Make sure they have enough water and a shady spot to rest and to keep an eye on them. They’ll thank you for it!

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