Easy Do-It-Yourself Tips for Holiday Cleaning by Homestead Maid

Throughout the coming weeks I will be posting my favorite and easiest tips on how you can keep the house clean over the holidays. Honestly, in recent years I just gave into and surrendered myself to the mess. The kids are home for the holidays, extended family are dropping by and staying – we all have time off and just want to relax. Does that sound like your house too? Well it definitely is ours! The only problem is that nothing gets cleaned. Truly the only thing that does get accomplished are piles of dishes, crumbs everywhere, sticky fingerprints and lots of “forgotten” items lying around. Unfortunately Homestead Maid Service doesn’t come every day; if they did we wouldn’t have this issue. Here are 5 easy do-it-yourself tips for Holiday cleaning:

Tip 1 – Be Ready for the Bathroom

Keep a container of disinfectant wipes in all bathrooms – preferably easy to reach for everyone except tiny tots of course. They are wonderful aid and make day to day cleaning a breeze. After someone uses the bathroom and leaves drips of soap, blob of toothpaste etc. – just take a wipe and go to town. So simple and easy! The bathroom looks proper and everything is left to shine. Make it absolutely clear that everyone knows to pull out a new wipe to clean the sink, especially if it was used on the toilet rim or seat!

Tip 2 – Tackle Kitchen Disasters Easily

Disinfectant wipes not only can be used in the bathroom, but are miracle workers in the kitchen. They are wonderful for cleaning off sticky messes form cabinet drawers and doors, tough on small spills and sticky floors. They are my go to for wiping the counter and laminate kitchen table top – do not use them on wood. Disinfectant wipes clean better than a damp rag and they disinfect too. It does sounds wasteful, but one little wipe goes a long way! I usually only need 1 or 2 max for a quick spot clean. Even better – you can purchase biodegradable ones so they can go right in the compost. Or if you’re looking for a cost effective disinfectant wipe check out my upcoming blog of homemade products.

Tip 3 – De-Clutter the Clutter

When friends, family and neighbors bring gifts such as food etc. to your open house party – we would never think of re-gifting, would we? These gifts are generous and kind; demonstrations of the way they feel about us. I have often told my family members and friends – if you will not use it, feel free to take it back for something you will use. I would rather someone get pleasure out of the gift.

Often enough I receive a myriad of gifts, they aren’t bad gifts, just not necessarily me. Instead of keeping the gifts I let others (usually those who are needy) pick and choose which gifts they like – that way the gifts are being used and enjoyed. De-cluttering by the way of re-gifting or returning works great – you will keep your closet space for necessary items and won’t have to worry about having to drag them out to the garage sale in the upcoming years.

For Children’s Toys: Involve the kids in the spirit of giving too! Have them pick out toys they no longer need and donate to the less fortunate.

As for food items – they are perfect for the local food bank. They always need food and you can feel great about helping out your community.

Tip 4 – The Never Ending Dishes

The holidays, essentially an invitation to Eat! Eat! And Eat some more! Unfortunately it results in food everywhere and piles of dishes. To avoid the hassle of dishes try using paper plates – great for cutting back on dishwasher loads and majority of them are recyclable.

If you can’t bring yourself to use paper plates for the holidays, have a strict rule that everyone who uses a plate washes it after – of course this is meant for individuals living in the house not guests. Maybe even have a series of inexpensive Christmas plates, a different design for each child and they are in charge of washing it themselves.

Tip 5 – Reduce Your Gift Wrap Waste

Every child loves the thrill of ripping paper to get to the surprise. However, this does create an abundance of waste – I’m not going to be the one to take that joy away from them. Below are some useful tips that will help reduce holiday waste.

  • Avoid using wrap that is super glossy or foil type – they are hard to recycle.
  • Find things around the house that you can use, like a page from last year’s calendar, the funny pages from the newspaper.
  • Make the wrapping from something new and useful for the giftee, like a beautiful Holiday Dish towel; or for kids of all ages, wrap gifts into a colorful fun sock (include the other one somewhere in the gift, so they have a pair).

Let me know what your tips and tricks are; we would love to add them and share with our other followers. Check back soon for more do-it-yourself tips from your favorite Toronto house cleaning company.