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Recommended Supplies for Toronto House Cleaning Services

Our maids use your own cleaning supplies and equipment when cleaning your home. Experience has shown us that many homeowners prefer that we use their supplies for sanitary and hygienic reasons, and we have adapted our services to accommodate this request.

The list of recommended cleaning supplies and equipment that should be available for use by our staff includes:


  • Vacuum (a vacuum is recommended for hardwood floors as well)
  • Mop & pail
  • Broom & dust pan
  • Rags/J-cloths
  • Sponges with 1 abrasive surface
  • Toilet brush
  • Paper towels
  • Rubber gloves (medium or large is sufficient)
  • Garbage bags

Cleaning Solution Essentials

  • All-purpose cleaner (such as Mr. Clean® or Pine-Sol®)
  • Bathroom/tile cleanser (such as Vim®)
  • Grease-cutter (such as Fantastik®)
  • Glass cleaner (such as Windex®)

Optional Cleaning Solutions

  • Hardwood floor solution (one that has been recommended by the floor manufacturer); or vinegar can be used.
  • Endust® (for dusting furniture that can't be touched by water)
  • Furniture polish (Please leave the cleaner detailed instructions if your furniture requires special polish)
  • Tilex® and/or Ajax® (for heavy-duty scrubbing)

Please note that brand names are not required; these are suggestions to give you an idea of the type of product to look for. If you have environmental or other concerns, please choose the products that you feel most comfortable with.

After the first visit, your Homestead maid may recommend you purchase a particular product that they feel may do a better job. It is up to you, as to whether you purchase the product; feel free to discuss the suggestion with either the office or your Homestead maid.

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